Six Week Summer Training

The Summer Course is designed to continue training through the summer period.  It is aimed at any club members who would like to improve their skills in the areas of clicker training, agility contacts and weavers and general focus and motivation.  Any Club member can attend the six week course and we would like those interested to contact either Diane or Rosie.


December 14, 21, 28
January 4, 11, 18

Format & Times

Training will be divided into 4 groups.  Handlers required to attend for the 2-hour period. Instructors are Diane, Liz and Rosie.

From 8 am - 9 am:

Group 1 - clicker training basic (hand touches, target sticks)
               Tuggy basic
               Tricks basic
Group 2 - clicker training advanced
Group 3 - retrieving (clicker understanding required for this group)
              boxwork for flyball
During this hour handlers can attend one group or move around to each group in turn

From 9 am to 10 am:

Group 4 - agility
              weave poles
              rewards and how to use
              shadow handling and motivation


The cost will be $12 for 6 weeks (2 hours each week).


Classes for Groups 1-3 held in woodchop area.  Class for agility in the agility area.

Bring With You

Your dog of course
Tuggy or similar toy
Great treats (size of a pea)
Dog, collar and lead
(Do not feed your dog the morning of class)

This page last updated 31 May, 2011