Our Patron Dog - Jimmy

JimmyOn Sunday 30 September 2007, our Patron Peter Smith, spoke to us all about the importance of the bond between handler and dog and gave us an insight into the wonderful love he shares with his own dog Jimmy, shown here in the photo.  Jimmy has been called the “miracle” dog, as it was his presence, whilst Peter was very sick over a year ago, which led to Peter’s recovery. Jimmy is our “dog” Patron and wears his own special Patron collar tag. Thank you Peter for sharing these special times with us all.

When Peter spoke to us in September he had been diagnosed with a serious illness and sadly recently passed away.  His wonderful dog Jimmy continues to be our Club’s “dog” Patron and is often seen at training sessions with one of Peter’s daughters.

Our beautiful Patron dog Jimmy went to sleep on 13 March 2015, we all love and miss him. Owner and Life Member Fiona and her sister Beanie said "Jimmy was special and loved all his mates at Dog School even though he never got past Class 3. We had a special day with him on Friday filling him up with fillet steak and devon, his favourites. He is in dog heaven with Dad."