Obedience Training

Getting to know you!Baby Puppy Classes

Dogs under 4 months of age can join the Baby Puppy Class on any Sunday when training is held. The aim of this class is to start socialising the puppy with other dogs and humans in a safe, enclosed environment.

Quick Start

Dogs 4 months of age and over can join Quick Start only on the first Sunday of any month when training is held. The 8 week Quick Start course sets the ground work that every other class is based upon. Handlers are taught how to train using the Clicker method.

Class 1

This Class continues the exercises taught in Quick Start and ensures that handler and dog have reached the necessary standard to progress to Class 2.

Class 2

Basic Class expands upon all that was learned in Quick Start. Handler and dog will need to pass an assessment to graduate to Class 3.

Class 3

Continuation and improvement on exercises already learnt prior to assessment to graduate to Class 4.

Class 4

The aim of the Advanced Class is to strive towards high standards across a variety of skills.