Milton Show 2012

The Show Must Go On

The 2012 Milton Show was very disappointing for the organisers, as torrential rain in the district leading up to, and during Show Days, meant that many events, including the entire equestrian, had to be cancelled. In spite of a heavy shower just before the Dog Club Demo, the team all agreed to carry on. Even though there was only a small audience of 30 or 40 adults and children, the team performed the full obedience routine and then the dogs performed some tricks instead of the agility, weavers or fly ball. Everyone enjoyed watching and many of the children were able to pat and treat the dogs afterwards. This made up a little for their disappointment that the Pet Show had to be cancelled.

The performance was very well done, especially much of the wheeling, spiral and the finish on the tables. The funniest part was when the big table started to sink and list in the muddy ground when the four big dogs jumped onto it. The look on the dog's faces was something to behold! But not one of them moved off the stay!

Fortunately the rain stayed away for the full demonstration and the people who watched the display all went away with smiles on their faces. Well done team.

Natasha it's not raining very much!

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