How to join our club

Having FunTraining is held each Sunday at the Milton Showground during the months of February to December, with the first Sunday in December being our last training day of the year before the Christmas / January break.

New members with dogs over 4 months of age may only join on the first Sunday of the month. They then commence a 8 week Quick Start course with our instructors.

Baby puppies (under 4 months) may commence on any Sunday of the month and will join Baby Puppy class.

Classes then progress through to Classes 1, 2, 3 and 4. We provide Obedience Training and also training in events such as Agility, Flyball,  Flag racing, Tracking, Gun dog and Rally O.

Fees - Please note we do not have EFT facilities

One off Joining Fee $30.00 Individual, $31.00 Family (includes a Clicker & food treats for clicker training)
Yearly Membership Fee $10.00 Individual, $11.00 Family
Weekly Training Fee $2.00 for each dog per class

Your First Day

You must arrive before 8:30 am on your first day to allow us time to process your new membership. Please do not be late! Handlers must wear filled in shoes, such as trainers, and please bring a water bowl for your dog as we do not put out shared buckets.

Bring With You

This page last updated 08 February 2018