Health and Safety

Food that should not be given to your dog

These food items can be dangerous to dogs, in some cases even in small doses. Play it safe and avoid letting your dog eat the these things:

Play it safe. If you aren't sure if a food is safe to feed to your dog, don't give it to him until you have asked for advice from your vet.

Chocolate can be deadly for your dog

Many people do not realise that chocolate can be deadly to dogs.

Coco Mulch a danger to dogs

The following warning has been flying around the internet in email for quite some time:

Cocoa Mulch, which is sold by Home Depot, Foreman's Garden Supply and other Garden supply stores, contains a lethal ingredient called "Theobromine".

It is lethal to dogs and cats. It smells like chocolate and it really attracts dogs. They will ingest this stuff and die. Several deaths already occurred in the last 2-3 weeks. Just a word of caution