Milton Ulladulla Dog Club Championship Results
August 2010


Novice President's Trophy

1st Place Daniellle Butson with Tia
2nd Place Rosie Milton and Wizz
3rd Place Rusell Aitkens and Ebony.

Dogs Under 350mm Marion Mann Trophy

1st Tracey Collins and Koda
2nd Sarah Ball and Sam
3rd Rosemary Rixon and Flynn

Dogs Over 350mm Lynne Brookes Trophy

1st Rosie Milton and Pac
2nd Ruth Halls and Shandi
3rd Louis Hamilton and Darcy.


courtesy of Margaret Rudd

Milton-Ulladulla Dog Training Club Place-Getters in the President's Cup (Novice ) Championship for 2010 (Left to Right) Rosie Milton and Wizz 2nd Place, Danielle Butson and Tia (Centre) 1st place and Russell Aitkens and Ebony 3rd Place.

Left toRight, Milton-Ulladulla Dog Training Cliub Championshipsfor Dogs over 350mm Lynne Brooke's Trophy, Louise Hamilton and Darcy 3rd Place, Rosie Milton and Pac(Centre) 1st place and Ruth Halls and Shandi 2nd

Milton-Ulladulla Dog Training Club for the Marion Mann Trophy for dogs under 350 mm(Left to right) Rosemary Rixon and Flynn 3rd place, Traey Collins amd Koda 1st place and Sarah Ball and Sam 2nd Place.

Photos courtesy of Margaret Rudd

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