Agility Training

Members are encouraged to continue obedience training when not attending either pre-agility, beginner intermediate or advanced agility. Obedience training will greatly assist handlers to improve their dog's agility skills. Agility Classes are held on Sundays at the Showground. Please register your interest in taking part in agility classes by adding your name to the list for the pre-agility course at the Clubhouse. 


Demonstration Agility Team

A further development of the Club's Dog Agility program has been the formation of an Agility Demonstration Team which performs at several major functions through the year. This team consists of dogs that are Obedience trained to a high level, that have a good skill in using the agility equipment, that have stable temperaments and can work in close proximity to other dogs; and whose handlers are prepared to put in the time necessary to develop and to learn routines suitable for demonstrations. Because the dogs are required to do things that are contrary to, or moves that are considered unsuitable for competition Agility, members of this team are
generally members who want to do agility purely for the fun of it, not those aiming for more serious agility work.

Agility Agility

An example of some of the differences between demonstration and competition training is having more than one dog working equipment at the same time whereas competition dogs work alone; dogs doing 'touch and goes' on the table whereas competition dogs must stop and 'drop' on the table for five seconds; and demonstration dogs often being slowed for a movement to go smoothly whereas competition dogs aim for the fastest possible speed through a course.

Agility Agility

Anyone in the club whose dog has reached the required level of training and whose owner has the time for and interest in this team is encouraged to join the Agility Demonstration Team. It is a great deal of fun and publicly shows off the skills dogs and handlers receive from the Milton Ulladulla Dog Training Club.

Agility Agility

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